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    NBK today

    Today, NBK Trade is the largest producer of consumables for retail, banking and office equipment (cash register tape, ATM and fax rolls, weighing electronic scale rolls (thermal labels)) in Russia, Eastern Europe and across the post-Soviet states.

    Each year, NBK Trade produces more than 100,000,000 paper rolls; each month, the company’s logistics specialists ship over 3,000 tons of finished products to customers throughout the country. The high production volumes make NBK Trade a key client of thermal paper suppliers: the company’s production facilities are never short of raw materials, moreover, the company has several discounts and bonuses and may, in turn, offer better prices to its customers.

    Russian retailers, banks, service providers and stationery businesses choose NBK as the principal supplier of paper products. If you make purchases in large stores or are a customer of major Russian banks, the receipt that you get after paying or making a financial transaction has been most likely printed on paper made by NBK.

    More than



    rolls a year

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    of output a month

    More than


    of the receipt tape

    market in Russia

    We produce every other receipt in Russia

    Working with the most advanced European producers of thermal paper, we are consistently investing in our own production. This is why our products stand out on the market by their quality: our products are made using top-class paper and cutting-edge automatic equipment that is unrivalled in Russia and guarantees top quality and output expansion at any time.

    Having fully automated production lines, the company can handle extra, new and urgent orders with substantially no limits in volumes and produce cash register tapes, rolls and other products of any width, diameter and meter length, according to the customer’s needs and not proceeding from equipment capabilities that are nearly unlimited.

    More than 5000 regular satisfied customers

    A fundamental thing is the customer-based approach that underlies our today’s successful business model. Though production volumes are exceedingly high, NBK never ceases to treat each customer’s order individually and carefully responds to any of the customer’s specific requests and demands. In plain words:

    Custom and exclusive orders are NBK Trade’s performance standard

    Committed to catering to any needs of its customers, NBK is continuously improving by finding new solutions to increase, with each completed order, the efficiency of its operations. So, what is novel for us today, tomorrow will be a standard for all other businesses.

    Our mission is to find the most effective solution that suits you best. Each time.

    This is the core element of our philosophy that has allowed us to take the leading position on the market: we are building our business based on the customers’ preferences, daily enhance all technological, production and logistics processes, and welcome our customers with a variety of related services. (Besides producing cash register tapes, ATM and terminal rolls, thermal labels, and printer and fax rolls, NBK prints logos, ads and any other graphics and texts on its products, and offers services and advice of in-house designers, logistics and other specialists)

    Over 20 years on the thermal paper market

    The NBK Group of Companies was established in 1999. The company’s expansion started in 2003, after it extended its footprint to the neighbouring regions. The commissioning of the new, phase one automated equipment in 2007 set the stage for a new milestone in the company’s development — NBK entered the all-Russian market. In 2008, the company opened a sales office and a distribution centre in Moscow, and in 2009 and 2010 — in Novosibirsk and in Rostov-on-Don. Since then, the company has been firmly holding leadership on the Russian market. NBK is never ready to rest with what has already been achieved and continues opening new representative offices: in Yekaterinburg (2015) and in Saint Petersburg (2016). Aspiring to remain close to its foreign partners, in 2016 and 2017 the company opened its offices also in Almaty and Minsk; in 2019, having opened an office and a warehouse in Khabarovsk, the company finally established an optimal logistics network in the territory of Russia. Now the company can guarantee to its customers that ordered products will be delivered as promptly as possible and at minimum prices.
    All along the company has been investing massively in purchasing advanced equipment: today, NBK Trade’s production lines are one-of-a-kind in Russia and post-Soviet countries as well as across Eastern Europe. The company is the key client of the suppliers within the said territory, such as Hansol (South Korea), Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe GmbH, and Koehler.