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    Production of cash register tapes and thermal labels

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    The NBK Group of Companies produces and sells a wide range of consumables: offset cash register tapes, thermal cash register tapes, thermal rolls for ATMs and payment terminals, fax, plotter, printer and teletypewriter rolls, perforated paper (stacked). As machines and devices, in which these consumables are used, are being constantly upgraded and modified, NBK is also continuously improving its production process by investing massively in purchasing the most advanced equipment producing cash register tapes, thermal labels, offset rolls and the rest of the mix of consumables offered by the company.

    Production capabilities

    NBK’s production facilities that are one-of-a-kind in Russia and post-Soviet countries as well as across Eastern Europe are unrivalled for the safety and quality of their output as well as for a wide variety of options available to customers:

    Any volume

    NBK’s fully automated production lines can handle new orders of any volume, up to 250 tons. It is a unique offer on the Russian market. The company never runs close to the maximum capacity and always has ample supplies to be able to at any time ramp up the output and, hence, cope with any new order, including urgent ones, without interrupting the production under other planned orders.

    As promptly as possible

    The main advantage that customers gain from cooperating with NBK is that the time needed to complete any order does not depend on the order volume, which is surely a comfort to NBK’s customers, be it small firms or large companies.

    Any dimeter

    Due to a vast scope of application of thermal rolls, new equipment often requires consumable standards that are different from the majority of other standards. Caring for its customers, NBK has purchased equipment to be able to cater, as accurately as possible, to any wish as to the tape width, roll diameter or winding length. NBK’s customers are sure to get exactly that tape length that they need and within the same time it would take if standard finished products were ordered from the warehouse.

    5 types of cores

    For the convenience of customers, NBK offers roll winding on 5 types of cores a customer may choose between: 12 mm, 18 mm, 26 mm, 40 mm and 76 mm cores.

    Winding direction

    NBK offers thermal layer inward and outward winding options for various models of machines and devices.


    To save time and lower labour costs of its customers, NBK packs combined orders according to the customer’s wishes: the ordered items will be arranged in the unit and/or box in any way the customer finds convenient.


    If you go for promoting your own brand on the market, NBK is ready to give you a hand in it: any products you order from NBK can be provided to you brand-named. If the customer wishes, NBK’s products can be packed in branded boxes, or delivered in units or boxes with thermal labels bearing a bar code, your logo and any other necessary information. For fax rolls, NBK offers wrapping paper according to the customer’s design. In this way, NBK does everything you need to promote your brand: thanks to the invariably high quality of the company’s products and appropriate packaging, your sales and, as a result, order quantities are sure to grow in future.

    Printing and design

    Thermal rolls and thermal labels made by NBK can become a part of the image of your business or a carrier of appropriate information: during the production, images or texts or logos can be printed on these items. As a thermal label becomes a part of the product packaging, besides a structured patent a retail chain logo is often printed on the label; a cash register receipt is not just a financial document but also an element to display information about your goods, job vacancies, or even third-party ads. For more detail, see Printing and Design.