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    We can print information on the reverse side of cash register tapes and thermal labels: we can do it based on your design and layout or using NBK’s team of skilled designers.

    Thermal rolls and thermal labels made by NBK can become a part of the image of your business or a carrier of appropriate information: during the production, images or texts or logos can be printed on these items. As a thermal label becomes a part of the product packaging, besides a structured patent a retail chain logo is often printed on the label; a cash register receipt is not just a financial document but also an element to display information about your goods, job vacancies, or even third-party ads.

    In the competitive market-oriented economy, any business strives to stand out by showcasing its corporate identity, launching special promotion, and doing many other things. A receipt printed by your cash register or your bank’s ATM or a payment terminal serviced by you has long become a part of your corporate image.

    The receipt quality is not the only important element! You can have some elements or information printed on the reverse side of the thermal tape used in your business, and then each of your clients will be the carrier of a fragment of your corporate identity or some important information that you have had printed. Aspiring to cater to the needs of even most demanding customers, NBK has tooled up its production facilities with machines designed to print elements of any level of complexity and in any number of colours on the reverse side of rolls for cash registers, ATMs and terminals and, of course, on thermal labels.

    Printing your corporate logo, information about promotional offers, job vacancies, ads, underprinting as a security measure to prevent forgery of receipts or tickets (if printed on a thermal printer, as for example, tickets for suburban trains in most regions of Russia) — all these and any other thermal roll design ideas of customers can be implemented in practice in no time: all you need to do to have anything printed on thermal tapes made by NBK is to let us know and give us a rough layout of the desired design. A skillful team of our designers will promptly create for you an impression design to look good on finished products.

    A thermal label is also an integral part of the product appearance, and NBK can print what you like on NBK’s thermal labels: an ordinary structured pattern, corporate logo, or any other information as is requested by the customer.